May 1, 2007

Nothing at all...

... useless ramblings... hey! that's what I should re-name my blog. Wonder if I can change it? Probably not, now that I've come up with something *way* more creative than 'Jodie's Blog' (that took a lot of thinkin', ya know???)

My neck hurts. Really bad lately. Still waiting to hear from the insurance company if my surgery is going to be approved or not. Hurry up and wait. Seems like the story of my life, sometimes. (I can't remember if I mentioned the upcoming surgery in my 'Pain Management' post or not... if I didn't, I'm quite sure I'll ramble about it in the near future).

N comes up with little cute tidbits every day. Today, she's standing in the hallway (linoleum) making her shoes squeak by rubbing them on the floor. She said, "Look, Mommy, my shoes scream!"

Ok... I obviously have absolutely nothing to post about, so I'm going to go and see if I can change my blog title...

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