May 20, 2007

sickening sweet

So, I've posted before about my adoring hubby. Probably enough to give anyone a cavity. I know, sick, isn't it. Don't get me wrong, he's not perfect... well, to anyone else but me I suppose. To give you but a small example of his indiscretions... as I we sit here, out on the patio in the perfect furniture my perfect husband made with his perfect hands, he's next to me, laptop in tow passing gas. Yep, folks, he *is* normal. Now, I'll probably pay for that... putting it out there in 'cyber-world' that he farts. Probably pay bigtime. That's ok... I'll just remind him of the amazing foot rub he got while we were catching up on "Grey's Anatomy" an hour ago. (for those who know me, yes, I said *foot* rub... that's how much I love him. for those who don't know me... I should mention that I DON'T DO FEET. ew.)

Over Spring Break, the kids and I planted sunflower seeds. We each got our own little seedling tray with 8 tiny pots. Mic and Nat got greedy, putting two seeds in each of their pots, while Mac and I just put one seed per square. We labeled the trays, each of the kids, then Steve and I shared ours. A few weeks later, voila! We had plants. We all thought it was pretty cool, even though Mic and Nat's trays were heaving compared to the rest of ours'.

Anyway, we picked the best four plants, one from each tray. Planted all four into a very large terracotta patio planter to sit and wait for us to get off our lazy bums and prepare a place in the yard for them to be permanently transplanted. The plants themselves are looking a bit peckish these days... they've definitely kept growing, almost two feet tall, each of them. But they look a tad 'ill'... Steve suspects they may be diseased or bug infested, but we're going to go ahead and give it a shot.

So, we're surveying the yard, shovel in hand (him) today, wondering where to plant the four (six if you count the two-per-pot cheaters). Steve finds a spot and starts digging. He had to put quite a bit of effort and work into getting the (approximately) four foot by two foot patch of earth dug up. A LOT of work. I tried, but I had my rubber shoes on and they just weren't up for the job (far be it for me to go inside and actually change them!). So, he continues until the ground is just right to accept the sunflower plants that will probably die, anyway.

I'm watching him do this, all the while thinking... he's going to all this hard work and trouble just for the kids (and me). He loves seeing their little eyes light up with amazement at nature's work, and he's making a canvas for which they will observe this.

So, the next time (although, there hasn't really been a first, has there?) I blog to bitch about him, as I'm sure I will (after all, isn't that what all good wives who blog do?)... I must remind myself to look back on this post and remember what he's really about :)

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