September 18, 2009

Jeez?!?! Update much?

So, it hasn't quite been a full year. Almost.

I know I keep sayin' this, but I've really gotta get better about blogging. Not that anyone really gives two hoots about what's going on in Jodie-World, but it's just nice to have a place to put it all.

And, yeah, I guess there's a lot to 'put'. Just finding the time lately seems to be an impossible task.

Since I last posted (December 2008!), a lot has happened. Stuff that I used to put here, but for whatever reason, didn't this time. New Years came and went. Spring. Summer, including our 4 week European vacay (*lots* to post about that :) )! Back to school. Baby's in 1st grade!!

So, I'll try to do better... if nothing else, to have a place to look back on it all :)