May 26, 2013

Fysiko' EyeLash Growth Serum - 2 weeks


Several weeks ago, I completed a survey sent to me by Based on my answers, I qualified to participate in a "testing" program of Fysiko' EyeLash Serum. Influenster sent me a tube of the serum for free with the agreement that I would commit to using it daily for 16 weeks (no problemo!) and post at least four reviews on my blog and / or various social media outlets that I belong to (no problemo #2!).

I was excited to receive / qualify for this for a few reasons... one, it's free, man! And who doesn't like free stuff!!! Two, I did a little reviewing myself before my tube arrived and ohmygoodness! the price of this stuff is waaay beyond my measley teacher's salary!! Lastly, I have missed blogging and I thought if nothing else (even if all of my eyelashes fall out from using this stuff) I will be "forced" to get back to bloggin'!!!

So, here I am... in all my glory (not! as you will see), posting my first review of the Fysiko' EyeLash Serum. I began using it on May 13th (that'll be two weeks tomorrow - really, don't strain yourself trying to do the math - I got ya... just another service I offer here on It is a clear serum that comes in a tube much like liquid eyeliner. For those of you who don't use liquid eyeliner (me!), it's really no big deal and I try(!) to demo the application in the video below. You are supposed to apply it at least once each day, they recommend applying it at night. If you chose to apply it two times daily, you are supposed to wait at least 15 minutes before applying any eye makeup. Right now, I'm going for the once daily at night.

Link to my video review here (don't laugh!)... you promised not to laugh, remember!!??!!

So... two weeks in and I honestly do not have an opinion one way or the other. My eyelashes are still there, so I guess that's a positive, right? (I see in the video that there is one straggler that is on my right eyelid - pay it no attention, it does that occasionally... always trying to be the scene stealer, the little buggar!). Fortunately, I was blessed with pretty decent eyelashes of my own, so if nothing happens, I don't suppose I'll be too disappointed.

That's all I've got for now. Fourteen more weeks to go, I have no idea how 'regular' these posts will be, but I promise to fulfill my commitment and you'll get at least three more :)

Thanks for stopping by...