June 29, 2013

Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum - 7 weeks

First of all, I have to tell you that I have been trying to get this review done for two weeks now. My apologies, if my writing isn't up to it's usual stellar quality (snark, for anyone who thinks I take myself too seriously). I've had some major (to me) medical issues going on and quite honestly I haven't felt much like waking up in the morning, much less writing blog posts.

So... that said, now to get the official "stuff" out of the way... I was selected by Influenster to participate in a 16 week review of Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum. I have been provided the product by Influenster in exchange for posting at least four reviews over the course of the 16 week period. I did the first review a few weeks ago (you can find it here).

Now, seven weeks in, I'm on the fence. On one hand, I haven't noticed anything major happening, which is fine... I didn't expect miracles. And besides, it *is* a 16 week trial. Fysikio tells you from the get-go to give it the full time period. (I should mention here that since I don't work during the summer months, I very, very rarely wear make-up. Ever!) However, one day, a couple of weeks ago, I had a doctor appointment (my home away from home, but that's a complete separate story, one that I am quite sure nobody is interested in!) for which I thought I'd make myself semi-presentable and "put mah face on" as I so affectionally call it. When I applied my mascara, first swipe and I was like "OMG!!!". It honestly *felt* like something was happening!!!

So... again, who knows? I'm commintted to the full time and I will keep checking in to let you know all about my progress. I'm having a blast doing it, tho...

please, please excuse the very dark circles and horrible skin - concentrate on the lashes, man!