January 18, 2014

Feelin' the Jolly Vox Box lurve

So, I had the honor (again!) to be selected by Influenster to receive their December Jolly Vox Box! What in the world is a "Vox Box" you say? And how in the hell can it be "jolly"!?!?!?!

A Vox Box is, well, a box. A box full of goodies that Influenster sent me for free! Yep, you read that correctly...Free! Cost me zip. Zilch. Nada dinero (I know that's wrong :p). In exchange for the yummy (yes, I ate some) goodies, I promise to review and give feedback, as well as, well... brag a little :)

In this Vox Box, I received Rimmel London's Show Off Lip Lacquer in Luna, a NYC HD Color Trio in Bronzed in Brooklyn (eyeshadow), a travel size Puffs Plus, a Mini Ducklings Duct Tape in Hot Pink Zebra and a box of six Skinny Cow Divine Peanut Butter filled Chocolates (18 pieces total!).

There's a ton of linky love up there, so feel free to click, click, click away and get your eyes on all of the goodies I received... that's ok... I'll wait... no, really, go on and click... I'll be right here when you get done...
:: whistle whistle :: :: tap tap tap me toes :: ... :: La dee dee dee daaaaaaah ::

Oh, hey :) Welcome back! How'd ya like the look of all of my loot? Pretty jazzy box, wouldn't you say? I love, love, love all of the products (some of which are already gone - oops, was that a little bit of chocolate on my lip? So sorry...).

You can find reviews on all of the products either on Influenster's site or thru the linky love I've left for ya :) You're welcome.

And if you'd like a link to try your luck at getting your hands on one of these goodie bags, I mean boxes, just leave a comment (or email me) with an address I can send the link. All you have to do is sign up (always free! I promise, I wouldn't participate if it cost me a dime), give your opinions and wait. It's been my experience that you won't have to wait long, either! Influenster will contact you, just like they have contacted me, and want to send you free stuff, as well!!!! Really.... go on... you have nothing to lose! And ya might get some chocolate, too!!!

this is a pic I snapped quickly of me wearing the Lip Lacquer and the eyeshadow trio (apologies for the quality)