September 30, 2007

Slowed to a (non-existent) crawl

That would be my blog. I knew I would slow down once school started, but jeez! I didn't think I'd actually stop! I bow to those of you who really can do it all... kids, work, running from here to there and everywhere in between at warp speed, and blog! Not me. Seriously, I've even stopped drying my hair in the morning. I rely on the gentle breeze from the car window and the can of White Rain I keep at school to complete my beauty regime.

The kids are doing well at school. Mac has settled into her routine. Who knew third grade would be so hard? And demanding? Man! the homework that kid has! We've established the "20 minute rule" for her. After school, she gets 20 minutes to herself to 'unwind' (read: chill out so she won't scream at everyone). In that time, she doesn't have to do anything at all. Her room is off limits to the others and she can just sit and veg... watch tv, listen to tunes, nap... whatever she wants, in order to emerge a kinder, gentler Mac. It seems to be helping, even though we have to remind her once in a while to take it. "Mac, step away from the knife drawer, pull the Diva off of your left foot, and go. to. your. room. NOW!"

Unfortunately, however, it would seem she's inherited her mother's OCD gene, as far as school work goes (trust me, it could be put to waaaaay better use in that wretched bedroom of hers, but I should really pick my battles). She usually doesn't have to be told to get started on homework and if she gets stumped, look out!!! She enjoys a challenge, does Mac, we just need to teach her how to embrace the challenge, rather than spewing pea soup and doing that head-spinning trick. She's going to be just fine... and I can't imagine it possible to be more proud!!!

Mr. Mic... my darling son... is certifiable! Seriously. Six years old... in first grade... and he's already tried to 'change' the weekly discipline report from his teacher. He honestly thought that he could take a ball-point pen, scribble over the numbers his teacher wrote in sharpie and add stars... and that I wouldn't notice!! I don't think he'll be trying that again!!! He is reading at a mid-fourth grade level and smokin' all the others with his AR (Accelerated Reader) points, even his older sister!!! (we won't go into what kind of sibling rivalry that evokes... 20 minutes, Mac, 20 minutes!!!)

He's playing soccer again this year and what a difference a year makes!!! He's gone from the little lanky kid who was only on the field to either dance or attempt to take flight... clueless that a game was going on around him... to one of the best players on his team!!! Not only is he right in the middle of the action, kicking and often emerging with the ball in his control... but, he can often be seen actually anticipating the play and calling out for his teammates to pass it to him or running ahead to make a steal from the other team's Neanderthal. Next on the list, Steve's going to teach him how to tackle properly (even though I've told him this is really soccer, Steve... not football!!!) He scored his first goal yesterday!!! (the only game I couldn't be at all season :( )

The Diva. Oh, The Diva! Steve reckons that once she gets the school to learn her rules, she'll be just fine!!! She's come home with 2 yellow dots (they get stop-light colored dots each day for behavior... green is good) so far, the first one had her in complete and total devastation... the second, well... all I can say is that if a kid scratched me on the face, I'd tackle her ass, too!!! She's over that and just amazes me more and more every day. I'm over the crying in the morning because I'm sending my baby off to school, thing. She's got the world as her playground and she is loving life!!! And I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Autumn is desperately trying to make its appearance here in Oklahoma. Cooler nights are beginning to creep in and we would LOVE another camping trip before winter. Not sure if it is going to happen, but doesn't stop us from hoping. Planning Mac's 9th Birthday party (she finally settled on a skating party... personally, I don't care, as long as it's not at home, so I don't have to do all the cleaning). Trying to save every penny so we can get Tom and Joe across the pond by Christmas. Anyone know how I can get two tickets from England for, oh, I don't know, about 20 bucks each???????

So, to all two of you out there who pop in from time-to-time... thank you, and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I don't get in here much for your reading pleasure. I know how riveting my life is and how you just long for that edge-of-your-seat play-by-play that is my life... I really promise to try to do better, but I can tell you right now that I won't!!! Maybe I'll make a pact with myself... at least one post / week? Even if it is just a couple of lines saying why I'm not posting. Fascinating.

(Meanwhile... for your viewing pleasure... the loves of my life...)