May 5, 2007

An apology to my Mother

Steve and I went to visit my parents this evening. They live about 45 minutes away, and we thought it would be nice to pop over to visit and have dinner together. In the course of conversation, I realize that my Mom has been reading my blog. I forget that Steve has put a link to my blog in his journal, which we are aware that Mom reads on a regular basis. Mom and I were chatting about the muddy incident which led to the 'Shower Time...' post last night. I was telling her that I let my oldest daughter, who is eight, read that post. I talked with her before she read it, about the nicknames mentioned. She was fine... not really a big deal to her at all. So, I'm telling Mom this story and she says, "Well, leave the cuss words [sic] out, then" Oops! Busted!!!

I came home and hopped onto my blog to survey the damage I'd done. Looking through, yes, I have tossed out my share of obscenities, but, my excuse is that close to half of my posts are 'vents' or simply put, me bitching (sorry, Mom) about something. (as an aside... I started thinking that I should really start posting more positive things, rather than complaining all of the time. As I've said... I really *am* a happy person!!) Cussing is usually just a given in 'vents'. I know, I know... the point can be made just as well without the curse words, but, part of the purpose (for me) of blogs is just to be able to 'get it all out' freely and openly.


Dear Mom,
I am sorry that you have been exposed to my potty mouth. I really don't talk like that in my daily dealings with people. I *always* watch what I say around your grandchildren. I strive to raise them to be proper, decent, upstanding citizens. Because we realize that they will be exposed to curse words in other parts of their lives, we try to teach them that swearing is not ok for children to do.

I promise, I will try to keep in mind that you *do* like to stop by my little corner of the 'net from time to time and I promise, that if I do nothing else, I will never use the "f" word in my posts ;) And, you're right, I absolutely can get my point across without the 'dirty' words. I will try to do better, but I'm quite certain that one will slip a time or two ;) And when it does, I also vow to immediately take myself to the bathroom and promptly wash my mouth out (or should it be my fingers off?) with soap :D (Steve will be my witness)

I like that you read my blog. You probably see a side of me that you either never thought was there, or *knew* was there, but you just can't believe I put it out there for all the world to see!!!

I love you, Mom. Give Dad a hug from me :)

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