May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Today, as most everyone knows, is Mother's Day here in the US. I specify 'in the US' because, I believe that other places celebrate on another day (Steve - must look that up!!! *Call your Mother!!!*)

We spent the day with family, had lunch (ate way too much, as usual), chatting, watching the kids play and just generally 'being' with each other.

I lucked out and Mother's Day happened to fall on a weekend that the kids are home with us. (probably wouldn't be a problem to see them, had it fallen otherwise, but I don't like to disrupt their time with their Dad, or their schedules, just to meet my needs)

Thursday night, Mic was struck with an "A-ha" moment (as Mic often is) when he realized that they hadn't done any shopping for me, nor had any discussion about shopping with Steve. I let Steve know they were concerned, and he assured me that he would take them shopping on Saturday (yesterday). Mic and N had asked what I wanted for Mother's Day. I told them I would love chocolate and some earrings, one carat diamonds (hey, a girl can dream, can't she?). I also stressed that just having them with me is present enough, but they insisted that they get me something. My wish list was relayed to Steve the next day like this... N to Steve: "Mommy wants chocolate, some earrings and a carrot"

I must interject here that two of my five children weren't able to be with me today. T and J are in England and popping over for lunch just isn't very feasible. They chatted with their Dad on the phone this morning, getting play by play of my fixing the girls hair. As J was listening to the 'goings-on' on speaker phone (as he often does) he said, with a sigh and a smile in his voice, "I want to come to your house, again!" We do too, J... we do, too. So, J goes on to say that he can now play part of Guns 'n Roses "Sweet Child 'O Mine" on his guitar... which he proceeded to do, I must say, amazingly!!!

So, I wake up this morning to three *beautiful* children smiling above me, one dashingly handsome and caring husband standing in the doorway, all presenting me with various adoring cards, a small bowl of M&Ms (the chocolate) and one medium carrot. (I promise, ya can't make this stuff up!)

Oh, and though I know it really wasn't, my step-son played a song on his guitar for me :)

Thanks, guys, for making this the best Mother's Day yet!!!

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