May 27, 2007

our Saturday

Whew! Am I tired! Busy weekend, and it's only half over!!!

Just to update... the tragedy that was Mic's Friday... He came home unscathed! Apparently, he avoided a visit to the Principal's office... can you imagine his disappointment?? His consequence for hitting that kid was to miss out on the picnic in the park, and since the in school-suspension program happened to be full on Friday, he had to spend the time with one of the pre-kindergarten classes. I would imagine this sentence probably seemed worse than ISI to him... pre-k!?!?! egads!!! It turned out to be not so bad, tho... the class he had to go to turned out to be the teacher we have selected for Nat (our 4-year-old) to be in next year. So, she either was pleased to start meeting members of our family, or began to dread having any of his siblings in class... he was in there, after all, as a punishment. I think it will all work out for the best... my husband and I have both met and chatted with this teacher, and feel quite confident that all will work out just fine :) (and anyway, Mic said he got to play games and watch movies with the pre-k-ers, so even he came home with a smile on his face!)

So, we got the dreaded Friday out of the way... I did, however, take the opportunity to show him that the anticipation of the event is sometimes way worse than the actual happening. Whether or not he got that life lesson is yet to be seen, but I did my Mommy duty, nonetheless!!

Yesterday, we had Mic's birthday party. I won't go into the gory details... but it was a hit!! This was the first time since his Dad and I have been separated, about 3 years, that we have been able to have a party that included both sides of Mic's families in one place, to celebrate for the kids (the first time because, the grown-ups can't behave any better, sometimes much worse, than the kids... but I'll save that for a later vent). We had 40 or so people all in one place, just for him.

I've mentioned before what a great kid Mic is... and yesterday was no exception. He continues to amaze me with his kindness and gentle ways. The kid is only 6, right? As he was opening presents, he would take the time to read the card first... I mean actually *read* the card... not just rip open the envelope to have a peek so he could see who the gift was from... he would read the entire card... you could see his little lips moving as he was getting through it. All this, while he had a mass of other children around him trying to get him just to rip open the package. He didn't... slowly and methodically, he'd pass me the card, tell me who it was from, then turn his attention to the present. He didn't just rush through the gift, either... if he had a bag with several items in it, he would take each one out individually, look it over, tell me what it was, then hand it to me before moving on to the next thing in the bag. Amazed me!!! Handed me bits of paper and trash along the way... most kids would just dig themselves out from under a pile of ripped up wrapping paper and tissue and bags when the 'present opening ceremony' was finally over... not him :) Later on, in the evening, he sought me out, just to tell me, "Mom, I've really had a great party!"

And he was right... I'm pretty sure a great time was had by all!!! Steve and I got the opportunity to visit with some friends we just haven't had the time to sit down and spend time with lately. We had a Jupiter Jump and the swimming pool, of course, so all of the kids always had something to do... which left little chunks of time for the adults to sit around and chat. It was great!!!

We eventually broke out the karaoke when things started to settle down, and didn't shut it down until the last bunch left around 11:00 (the party started at noon!). Nat crashed on the couch around 10:00... bless her heart, she just couldn't do it for one more second... she tried... oh, how she tried... but she just couldn't.

If you had asked me yesterday, at say, oh... 11:00 a.m., how I thought the party would go... I honestly wouldn't have been able to speculate. As I mentioned, this is the first time in a while, that my family have been in the company of my ex-in-laws. Lets just say there has been a bit of tension, for various reasons, and it'd have been anyone's guess how everyone would have behaved. I honestly had no worries about my family... we've talked, we're close, and to put it bluntly, they know how to behave themselves. But, the ex and his family... well, there is some pretty strong resentment held by some... resentment of lots of things and for lots of reasons... mostly, only known by them. I guess it's never easy, is it?

To sum it up... all went well... for Mic. And that's exactly the way it should be. It was, after all, all about him.

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