May 18, 2007

cheezy mood

Just had a wonderful dinner with my husband. It's our weekend off (kids are at their Dad's). We had the most delicious steak (ty, you know who you are :D ) dinner, accompanied by a bottle of wine. I should mention here that we don't drink much, at all. Especially with the amount and type of medication I'm on for pain management. So, one bottle of wine between the two of us is plenty. And just enough to make us fall in love with the world... hence the 'cheezy mood' :)

We're sitting here on a Friday night, just the two of us. Singing karaoke... yes karaoke. We LOVE singing. I've coined my dear husband the "Karaoke Slut" and he wears that badge with honor (he really does!). Silly us. We have so much fun together. He's currently singing "My Sweet Lord"... I just finished "My Give A Damn's Busted"... patiently waiting my next turn... he has a bad habit of 'hitting the wrong button for the rotation and 'accidentally' skipping me... see... KARAOKE SLUT!!!!! We always have a laugh, though.

I love that about him... we just know how to have fun together. He put the swimming pool up today. It's crystal clear, all chemicals in and ready and waiting. Except the water temperature is a balmy 68. ARGH!!! No way am I getting in there!!! It has to be at least 80 for me, and that is even chilly. I prefer upper 80s, approaching 90. I'm spoiled. And I really need a hot tub!

Just paused to sing, Dixie Chics "Let 'er Rip"... LOVE that song... I just wish I could sing :p See, he has justification for being called the "Karaoke Slut"... me, not so much.

Back to the pool... Mac will no doubt hop in straight after school on Monday. She doesn't care if she has to cut a circle in ice! That girl would swim in the dead of winter if she could. Reminder: must check Mac for fins!

So, cheezy mood... I feel it's only appropriate to pop in a cheezy pic...

I love my kids... we often get cheezy together, and have pics to document...

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