May 28, 2007

somebody do the freakin' dishes!

Ok, so we had the party on Saturday. Which means Friday night and Saturday morning were spent in a hurried frenzy of cleaning. Now, we're not dirty people, but we're busy people. Three young kids, two of 'em in school, The Diva comfortably on her throne at home (for the time being). I work full-time outside of the home, Steve works full-time as The Diva's caretaker and the School Dad, not to mention the kazillion other irons he has in the fire. So, housework falls below life and just slightly above poking our eyes out with a soldering iron on our list of things to do. Don't get me wrong, we always have clean clothes to wear and the amount of mold in the toilet at any given time has yet to approach 'the cure for cancer' level... although, we've gotten scarily close!

So, yesterday was spent with our feet up, kids in and out of the pool... doing absolutely nothing... zip, zilch, nada!!! We just relaxed and had fun... Mic got a tattoo making sword thingy for his birthday, so by bath-time, the kids were covered in various pirate ship, skull and other pirate related tattoos. The kids requested a 'family movie night', so we copped and let them watch Beethoven's 4th (I had *no* idea they made a fourth one... it's actually kinda cute... kind of a Beethoven meets Freaky Friday). Popcorn and chocolate were the 'treats du jour'... they got to stay up late since we didn't have school today. KFC was the dinner menu... I'm tellin' ya... we didn't do a darn thing yesterday!!!

Today, however, someone simply MUST get off their ass and wash the dishes. The sink is piled so high, I have to rearrange just to fill the coffee pot. Steve and I sat down for a bowl of cereal just a few minutes ago. He said he had to wash a spoon just to be able to eat... I, on the other hand, used Nat's Gerber baby spoon (you know, the one with her name on it... c'mon... all you Mommies know you did it, too!)... because I couldn't even *get* to the sink, let alone wash a spoon (not really sure how he managed). I was going to take a picture to post here just to show you how awful it is, but thought better of it when I realized that that would be a really stupid thing to do... why in the world would I even consider doing a thing like that????

The upside????


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