May 15, 2007

Just happy

No real reason for this post, other than to say that I'm happy. Like anyone cares... but this is my blog, damnit, and I can say whatever I want, right??? nee-ner-nee-ner-neeee-neeeer (I promise, I really am over the age of 18 :p)

N came home tonight with her Disney 'cd' player... picture a big pink useless piece of plastic (thanks, Dana. Hi, Anno!) that plays various midi clips from the wonderful world of Disney. She gets out of her Dad's van, brother and sis following... they march straight over to the neighbor's driveway (they are out of town, so the fifth wheel and dually that are normally taking up half of the drive are gone... translation... a big ole' concrete stage!) Picture it... "Under The Sea" in perfect trashy, cheap music style... shoes kicked off in random order placed about the performing area... three beautiful children with smiles as wide as the Arkansas, bouncing around, twisting and gyrating like you've never seen. It just made me feel so damn happy. I adore seeing my kids happy and happy they were!!!

The cd player is nicely placed on top of her clothes that are laid out to wear tomorrow (I'm anal about that, in case I over sleep by *an hour and a half* ... ahem... yesterday!), when, I'm sure, Steve will be so sick of hearing that song by the time I get home... he'll surely be on the verge of smashing it with some electric thing with teeth that he has in his new workshop. STEVE... step away from the power tool!!!! Look at that face... look at how incredibly cute she is... you CAN'T possibly take that away from her... you just CAN'T! I promise, I'll be home soon to save you!!!

Ha. So, yes... I'm happy. So very happy. I won't revisit "My *HAPPY* post!", I promise. Think I'll go to sleep, with a smile on my face :)

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