May 5, 2007

My *HAPPY* post!

I love my life. I love my job. I love that I live only 45 minutes away from my parents and sisters and nieces and nephew and Granny. I love that we are going to start looking for a new house soon. I love that I have a reliable vehicle to get me to and from places. I love that my children go to a good school. I love that their teachers are good teachers who care about them. I love that all breakfasts and lunches at my kids' school are free. I love that I have direct deposit. I love my children, all five of them, more and more each and every day. I love that school is almost out for the summer. I love that all of my paperwork is caught up. I love the smell of babies' heads. I love my children's feet. I love that I have medical insurance. I love my husband. I love that Mic learned to ride his bike without training wheels when he was only four. I love that I have old pictures from high school to look back on. I love my yellow summer shoes. I love my bed. I love when Mac tells me she likes to hang out with me. I love singing with my husband. I love Saturday mornings. I love it when N rubs my neck for me. I love my cats. I love the furniture my husband is building. I love my life.

I love happy posts :)

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