May 21, 2007

Pool's open!!!

This past weekend, Steve got the pool ready. The kids have been so excited... they were at their Dad's this weekend, but called to get periodic updates as to the status of the pool. They just couldn't wait to get home from school so they could hop in. Now, the water temperature is only about 73 degrees... no way I'm gettin' in there... but it doesn't phase them, as I've mentioned before.

Mic's birthday is tomorrow and we are having his party this Saturday. Swimming is one of the activities on the menu, along with a Jupiter Jump (or Bouncy Castle for you Brit readers). Pool will be good and broken in by then, as it's almost impossible to keep the kids, especially Mac, out of it once it's up and running for the season.

I broke out the camera just a bit too late to catch Mic... he's like his Mother... temperature has to be darn near pushing 80 before it's even bearable. So, as I snapped these shots, he was inside, cozy and dressed, but still shivering!!

My little fish... (isn't she just gorgeous???)

The Diva and I went shopping this afternoon to get her a new swimsuit. She really thinks she's *it* because she has a suit that shows her back!!! When I was snapping these pictures she was extremely angry at something (sometimes I just give up trying to figure out what, exactly, has made her mad)... but she stopped, mid-tears, to model the new suit...

See, I told ya... *Diva*

Happy Swimming!!!!

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