May 30, 2007


Tomorrow is the last day of school for my two older kids. The last day of 2nd grade for Mac... the last day of Kindergarten for Mic. The Diva starts pre-k next year (please, take a moment to say a prayer, mantra, whatever you like, for her teacher-to-be... she's gonna need it!)

I'm so very proud of my kids. They both will have awards assemblies tomorrow... and if all of the stars are aligned just right with the planets, I will be able to attend both.

Mic is stoked, thinking he is going to get a perfect attendance award (not sure about that one... but, I'll go with him on it for now).

Mac... this story is quite cute... they had a reading 'contest' of a sort. For reading a certain number of books (I can't recall the number, off hand), they get ice cream (they are combining an ice cream sundae party with their awards assembly). For five more books, they get toppings. For five *more* books, they get to add cookies. And, finally, for five *more*, they get to pick a prize from the treasure chest. Before school today, Mac had her cookies and set out today to earn the surprise. Guess what??? She got it!!! We'll find out tomorrow what it is :)

Mac keeps offering to share her sundae with me... Mic is promising to show me a good time in his classroom tomorrow. I've done something right :) It warms my heart to see such giving children whom (my apologies to the grammar police... I'm too lazy to look it up) are a product of us :)

Oh, and lest I forget The Diva... she only got out of bed *12* times tonight to tell me she loves me / get a kiss / get a hug / give a kiss / give a hug. Monster!

I'm sure I'll have plenty of pics to share tomorrow.

Until then... good night!

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