May 8, 2007

falling out of bed

one hour after 'lights out' for Mac...

she appears, a bit disheveled...

Mac: (with tears streaming down her face) Mom, I fell out of bed (picture big pouty face)

me: [quiet giggle, accompanied by Steve] Oh, honey... I'm sorry

Mac: Mom, I'm serious! I really fell out of my bed!!

me: Honey, I believe you. I'm sorry. [wipes tears off of Mac's cheeks]

me: Mac, those are fake tears!!!

Mac: NO, they are NOT!!!!

me: Mac, I know they are fake!!!!

Mac: Mom, I *really* fell out of my bed and I'm *really* crying!!!!

me: Mac, I believe you that you fell out of your bed and I'm truly sorry, but I *know* that your tears are fake.


me: Mac, they are fake.

Mac: [growing increasingly very angry] MOM... THEY ARE *NOT* FAKE TEARS!!!!!!!

me: Mac, if they aren't fake, then why is it completely dry directly under your eye and the tears don't start until halfway down your cheek???

Mac: [trying to hide her giggle] Mom, I did NOT put those tears on there, they are REAL!!!!!

me: No, they aren't.

Mac: YES, they are!!!!

me: No they are not.

Mac: YES THEY ARE!!!! [an even cuter 'trying to hide' giggle]

me: no they aren't

Mac: [bursts out in laughter]

me: [laughing out loud right along with her]

Mac: [BURSTS OUT IN TEARS 'CUZ SHE'S BUSTED] /runs away to her room crying

I went into her room to comfort her (because I'm not *cruel*). She keeps insisting that she did, in fact, fall out of her bed. She really did. Because she has so much crap piled on her bed that she has to sleep halfway hanging off of the side. I rearrange said bed, tossing most of the junk on the floor (she'll have to clean *that* up tomorrow), rearrange her pillows and tuck her in nicely. I gave her sufficient cuddles and kisses... she's forgiven me.

But the tears were fake. And she knows it.

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