May 18, 2007

a PROUD ramble

Two of my kids are in school. Mac is in second grade, Mic in kindergarten. The Diva, aka N, stays home with Steve, keeping him squarely in order. As an aside, I just live for the stories recapping the days' events experienced by Steve and Diva. I'll start posting them, as they are shared by both... sometimes, their renditions differ a bit.

Today, Mic was 'honored' in an assembly as a 'Knight-in-Training'. I won't go into the history of the ceremony, but it's not unlike a 'student-of-the-month' honor. Now, as crunch time approached, we were beginning to get the feeling that neither kid would be knighted this school year. Mac got it last year, and she is the one it's easy to assume will get it. She's a wonderful student, very exceptional academically (not at all biased, here, am I?) and just generally one of those kids you'd expect to excel and receive associated honors. Much to my disappointment, she didn't get it at all this year :( We're sad about that, but... life goes on. Can't have everything, and what an opportunity to teach some (I'm sure) very poignant life lesson... although, right now, we're just going to wallow in our sorrow... I'll teach the life lesson later, I promise!

So, I get an email from Mic's teacher the other day. Let me add here, that we really weren't at all surprised that it didn't look like he'd get knighted. This is, after all, the kid who trips other kids, nose dives into the teacher's desk so as to get to a flying crayon first (a crayon for which I'm *sure* he was responsible for the flight), plays wadded-up-paper football after he's been clearly instructed not to. Just general 'boy' stuff... he's really a great kid. He has the gentlest heart, the kindest spirit... he's just ornery! And, I should mention, adorable!!!!

So, as I was saying, not really expecting that he would get knighted this year, and really not that bothered. Email comes from his teacher, which emails come from her often... usually to report the 'behavior' du jour. I open these very carefully, as I'm sure you can imagine. To my surprise, she tells me that she has chosen Mic to be her knight for the month of May. Shocked doesn't even begin to describe it. She goes on to tell me that she was just waiting for the right Life Skills to come up that fit him to knight him. What are the Life Skills, you ask??? Perseverance and Sense of Humor. BINGO!!!!! Lucky little devil!!!

I'm so proud of him... for lots of things, but today, particularly, for being a Knight-in-Training for the Life Skills of Perseverance and Sense of Humor

(mine's the one in the lime-green and navy striped shirt, next to the 'Knight')

We are so proud of you, buddy!!! Way to go!!!!! I love you!

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