June 6, 2007


... because I can bring you a bowlful of M&Ms and call them "brain food". You just smile and say, "Thank you"

... because of that silly little thing you do with your tongue when you are concentrating

... because you let me be me

... because you protect me

... because you respect me

... because you gave me two more beautiful children

... because you have loved my children, from day one, unconditionally

... because minutes before leaving for our wedding, you took me in our room, my face gently in your hands and asked me if I was really sure

... because you waited

... because you are a wonderful father

... because you don't look at me funny when I bring a *bowl*ful of M&Ms, rather than just a handful

... because when I make the bed in the morning, your pillow isn't in the middle of your side, it's wedged up, right next to mine

... because you 'get' me

... because when you don't 'get' me, you try

... because you're honest, trustworthy and my foundation

... because it's cute, the way you cradle your head with your hand when you sleep

... because you appreciate me

... because you adore the things I do for you

... because what I think / feel / say actually matters to you

... because you actually think

... because you squirt the kids with the hose

... because you know when to laugh, when sometimes crying would be easier

... because you have a way of putting it in perspective

... because of your loyalty and undying dedication to me and our family

... because of your convictions

... because you make me laugh

... because you make me cry

... because of days like today

... because you 'know stuff'

... because you would give me your last Rolo

I love you because you're you.

1 comment:

Steve said...

My pillow needs to be wedged somewhere .... she has three !!!