June 3, 2007

So, we've decided to go camping

We've been brainstorming about activities to fill our summer days. Since we're on a tighter than tight budget, one idea we tossed around was camping. Steve's been an avid camper for years, so he's armed with the 'know-how'. I did some camping when I was a kid and although I'm sure I didn't absorb, or really pay attention to, the camping tricks and techniques my Dad had, I simply love the outdoors.

When I spoke with the kids last night (they are with their Dad this weekend), I mentioned that we were thinking about camping this summer. They were beside themselves with excitement! Couldn't really not follow through, now, could we?

We decided to go out for a drive today to scope out potential sites and areas. We started with Keystone Lake. Found some wonderful areas to pitch a tent... places we think the kids will have an absolute blast. Off to beg, borrow and steal (well, we won't really *steal* anything) whatever isn't tied down so as to make this venture as inexpensive as possible.

One of our stops was at the bottom of the Keystone Dam. Steve and I popped out there once last summer and the river was so dry, you could pretty much walk all the way across it. The dam is open now, the first time in about two years. The view was amazing! So, of course, we snapped a few shots.

Last summer, all of this area, just past the shrub line, was rocky. People would sit on the rocks and fish. We were able to walk all the way to the bottom of the ramp and circle back around to trample on the rocks, ourselves.

In this picture, you can see at the bottom of the ramp, the water level has risen to cover it. The ramp actually extends much further out, past the present water line. In the distance, you can see the steps and handrails that led down to the rocks, now covered with water, as well (we don't have a clue who these people are!). Didn't stop them from fishing, though! I wasn't sure how they managed those bobbers... the current was amazing! But, they kept reelin' them in!!!

Happy Summer!! Happy Camping!!!

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