June 6, 2007

They really *do* like each other...

Yesterday, the kids just did not get along with each other. Some days are better than others, most definitely, but yesterday was the kind of day that ends with the lecture that mentions things like "we all have to live together", why it is never ok to hit, "you only have one / two brother / sisters"... etc, etc. I'm never really sure how much of those lectures actually make it to their brains, what with the rolling of eyes and quiet sighs that just scream, "Mom, are you *done* yet?"

I was sitting out on the patio while the kids were swimming. This is what happened:

:: lots and lots of splashing around, screaming, laughing, and even some tears :: (this is typical)

me, yelling over the splashing: Mac, did you just tell your brother you love him???

Mac, looks at me as if to say "what in the hell are you talking about, Mom?": Yeah

my jaw drops

Mic: and I told her that she rawks!

my jaw drops even further...

Mac: See, Mom, we really can get along!

Couldda knocked me over with a feather (or that god-awful wind we have today)

Later on, heard from within the splashing and wailing: Mic to Mac: Mac, say, "Mic, you rawk!!!"

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Believer in Balance said...

That is so cute! My girls usually get along well, but they were at odds yesterday! So it's nice to get those loving momoents too.