March 18, 2008

see our chicks LIVE

As I was typing out that title, I realize that it could read with a short "i" (in the word LIVE), as if there was an alternative :p (well... we just won't go there right now, will we???)

It should be read as "See our chicks, LIVE!" (long "i") as in "see what our chicks are doing right now, this very minute, in real time", because we (read: Steve) got a new webcam that is just the coolest! You can pan and tilt and zoom and move it around... yes, you! can do all that from the comfort of your easy chair!

Eventually, we'll set it up in the coop (oh! have I not mentioned the coop?? talk about the coolest!?!?!?!), which will become their brooder in the next week or so, as they have just about outgrown the tub they have called home their entire lives (there's that word again...!!).

Anyway... go here to see what they are up to, because (almost) three-week-old chickens are just so fascinating and I know you have absolutely nothing else to do with your time than watch our chicks, right???


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BetteJo said...

I read it correctly - but I thought it sounded vaguely dirty! *snort*
You might be getting a 'different kind of reader' with titles like that! :)