March 25, 2008

I stand corrected

so THIS is my 100th post.*

And today is my One Year Blogiversary!

*I was just going by the post counter in my dashboard. Waaaay down the list of posts, is a draft that I never published (and probably won't, now). It was counted in my number by Blogger, but actually doesn't count towards number of real posts. Thank you, Xbox4NappyRash, for pointing that out, but dude! countin' my archives??? ;) )


Kelley said...

Happy Bloggerversary!

A whole year to get there! Wow, mine was in the first 3 months, LOL, when it was just me and my reader.

Day Dreamer said...

LOL......yes, happy 100th post, this time, for real!


BetteJo said...

... groundhog day... :)

Happiest 100th!