March 9, 2008


Ever feel restless, like there's something that you want to do or say, but you just can't figure out what it is?

Itchy. And not the kind that Benadryl or Calamine Lotion will take care of.

That's me today. I don't know why... everything's ok. Nothing's 'festering' or brewing. No major changes.

Maybe it's just the upcoming (and much needed) Spring Break.

:: sigh ::

:: shrug ::

I'll just sit here and scratch. (ew!?!)


Kelley said...

I can totally understand that itchy feeling. It's like your body is just waiting for something and your brain hasn't caught up yet.

Hope the itch dissipates soon.

BetteJo said...

Itchy? Come visit my blog, I have tagged you. Not nearly as good as spring break - but it's something to do. :)

Day Dreamer said...

I'll take your itchy and trade you for my 'family fun' weekend....lmao!!!