December 2, 2007

You've just gotta try this!!!

Real quick... go to Google... type in "my husband is useless" and look at the second (at the time I'm typing this) result.


I love you, sweetie :)


BetteJo said...

useless ramblings: my husband is GinormousMy husband is a Limey (I'm not). That means, just in case you don't know, that he is originally from England. Yep, immigrated all the way over here just for ... - 88k -
Snort! Question is - does he still love you? :)

Steve said...

More than life itself, Bettejo :)

Steve <-- the fat, useless one

Anonymous said...

Y'all are killin me over here!

I'm sure he's not completely useless darling...I mean hey, he does build some pretty nice furniture! lol

Miss seeing you out and about...hope to do so again soon!