December 25, 2007

Tea for Two

Merry Christmas! to those who celebrate. Happy Tuesday! to those who don't.

This is a first for me this Christmas. As Steve and I were driving to our favorite Indian restaurant last night, I realized that this is the first Christmas Eve in my life that I haven't spent with my parents and my sisters. This is also the first Christmas morning in my kids' life that I haven't spent with them.

It's a weird holiday season for us. No kids. And since I've had them, my kids are what Christmas is about. Of course, it's still about family and just spending time together, but it's just wrong to not have little ones running around the house.

We just did our celebrating a day earlier this year. And it was great!!! The kids shot off to their Dad's yesterday with the biggest smiles and happiest hearts... just the way it should be for them on Christmas.

Steve and I are off to find the one lone store that might be open today. He'll make me a wonderful dinner later and that will be one more Christmas passed. And it's been a great one, even if a little different.

Merry Christmas.

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BetteJo said...

It doesn't stay the same, does it? My kids are old enough now to buy me diamonds - which is wonderful - but a little sad at the same. Means they're all grown up - or trying to be anyway.
We want them to stay little and excited and tumble out of bed at the crack of dawn to see if Santa has arrived. Sigh-h. No, circumstances change and kids grow.
I'm gonna go weep now. :) Kidding. Merry Christmas!