December 1, 2007

I've failed

I just realized, as I was bragging on my eldest (well, the eldest of the five who actually sprang from my loins), that I've let down The Diva.

Last month, The Diva was honored as a Knight-in-Training for Resourcefulness and Pride. This award is similar to student-of-the-month, but carries a little somethin' special, as an 'actual' Knight (Steve always squirms when they say this at the assemblies. He's close to demanding to know if his Queen actually knighted these guys, or if they are phonies... but, for the sake of the kids, he restrains himself!) performs the ceremony. (Another digression - must stop this - Steve and I wish they'd call on Sir Elton himself to do the knighting... although, that probably wouldn't go down too well here in the buckle of the Bible Belt).

So, for the month of October, my baby, The Diva was honored and selected out of all the students in her pre-kindergarten class as one who exemplifies the characteristics of Resourcefulness and Pride.

You go, Diva!!!

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whymommy said...

Congratulations to Diva and to her proud Mommy!