December 1, 2007

Yet another Mommy Brag!!

The elementary school our kids attend has a monthly 'awards assembly' of sorts. It's called the Knighting Ceremony, or "KnightLife" as the kids refer to it. Each month, in grades one through five, two girls and two boys are selected from each grade who exemplify the characteristics chosen to be recognized for that month. Oh, of course, they encourage all kids to be model students all throughout the year, but lets be realistic... they're kids!!! So, each month, two particular 'virtues' are identified and the kids are chosen because they, particularly, stand out as modeling said qualities.

They do a similar award for the kindergarteners and pre-k'ers, as well, only they are awarded as "Knights-In-Training", which, I, myself, think is particularly cute!!! (Ack! I just realized I failed as a 'Mommy Bragger'!!! The Diva was just bestowed such honor last month and I didn't post it!!! I swear I thought I did!!! Bad, bad Mommy!!! I'll get on that, just as soon as I'm done here!!!)

The ceremony is a pretty big deal for the kids. All week, leading up to it, my three are hounding me every afternoon with, "Mom, did you get any calls from the school? Huh? Huh? Did ya??" (a 'call from the school' would mean that they notified me that my child would be knighted so that I could take off work to attend the assembly). Of course, whether or not we receive a phone call, the answer to the kids is always, "No". I've tried telling them that even if I did receive a call, I wouldn't tell them, anyway, as it is supposed to be a surprise, duh!!!

So, yesterday, for exemplifying cooperation and patience, my oldest daughter was knighted! (I won't go into all the drag here, but I really should mention what a long way she's come. If you had known her even a few years ago, and I was telling you the qualities she was being knighted for, you would honestly look at me like I had green snakes for hair and purple teeth. Suffice it to say, she's come a long way, baby!!!) She's worked really hard and is turning into such an adoring young lady!!! We are just so proud of her! An honor she quite well deserves!!!

Yea, Mac!!! You rock!!!

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