July 13, 2013

Summer Toes

I have to admit, I'm about as low maintenance as they come. Ok, truth told, I'm just plain LAZY! Especially during the summer. But, low maintenance be damned... This girl's gotta have her toes "did" for sportin' those Summer sandals (albeit my sandals are really flip flops that no doubt were bought for less than a tenner, five or fifteen years ago).

When I first discovered those Sally Hansen nail strips, I thought I'd hit the nail polish jackpot. Easy application and they stayed on forEVER! Easy Peasey, right? Well, sort of. See, the Sally strips are actual polish (Google the process if you're interested) so, once you open the foil pack they come in, it's use 'em or lose' em. Frugal gal that I am, I can make one strip cover three, sometimes four nails. See where this is going? Waste! At $10 a pop, which I really didn't mind because of the staying power, still, I wanted more!

Enter Jamberry Nail Wraps. The best of all worlds. They satisfy my OCD tendencies (you have to try them to get this part), meet my cheap and lazy qualities all the while providing my piggies with their proper Summer dressing.

Check 'em out at www.gopaintless.jamberrynails.com I promise, I'm not getting anything in return for posting this (I did host an online party that has since wrapped up, so I *really* get nothin'). Amy Everitt is my consultant. I only mention her name because she doesn't know me from Eve and is amazing!

(forgive the state of my feet in the pic... remember *low maintenance *!)

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