July 2, 2013

Holy Lashes!

I know I just did the second review of Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum yesterday, but I had to jump in and show off what I saw today...

As I mentioned, during the summer, I rarely wear makeup. With temperatures often topping 95 - 100 or more 'round these parts, applying makeup often turns into an act of futility. It simply melts off the instant you step outside, assuming it stays on that long! However, today being my anniversary (Happy Day, Honey!) along with a *very* rare high temp in the mid-80s (just *unheard of!), I thought I'd make myself somewhat presentable since hubby took me out for dinner.

Short story long... Wowza!! I'm definitely seeing results from using the Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum! Remember, I'm just starting my eighth week which means I'm just about halfway into the review. If this is any indication of the next eight weeks, I'm completely stoked to see the grand finale!!

Impressed, at this point, is an understatement! Watch this page for more updates...

(*"Housekeeping" disclaimers:  1) I was provided the product by Influenster in exchange for posting at least four reviews over the course of the 16 week review period, 2) this is my first attempt at a new avenue of posting, so I'm doing this with crossed fingers that it's not buggared up, and 3) remember, the focus is on the eyelashes... try your best to ignore my shaggy eyebrows, lack of makeup and overall horrendous face :-P Obviously, I had more eye makeup on in the "before" shots, so FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!)

Oh, and thanks so much for stopping by :-)

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