July 7, 2007

I wish I could help

I've been trying to catch up on some of my favorite blogs lately. I've gotten quite a bit behind, what with all of our camping escapades, yet to be updated (I know, I know... I promise to get on that, too!).

For those of you who are new to this whole idea of blogging, as am I, you should know that 'out there' exists an entire other entity known to many as the 'blogosphere'. People who wouldn't otherwise even know of each other's existence get to know each other, some becoming very close (not unlike the way Steve and I met, for those of you who know our story). Often, these people never actually meet in person, yet very strong bonds can be formed over simple internet connections.

A few years ago, my sister's best friend found out she had breast cancer. She continues to fight the fight and has many people in her corner. When I learned of her diagnosis, I, as I'm sure many others did, felt completely helpless. I wanted to do something, but what? So I prayed, in my own way, and kept her healing in my thoughts.

A little over a year ago, I, too, had my own scare, which thankfully turned out to be nothing. But I can tell you, firsthand, the emotions you go through as you wait to 'find out' are heart wrenching, to say the least. I decided then, that if I do nothing more than display a pink ribbon on my car, I wanted to do *something*.

So, as I was catching up on my reading, read: poking my nose into other people's lives, I came across this post, which lead me to this blog, which, in turn, led me to Team WhyMommy. (see how it all works... links to this, links to that... before you know it, there's this whole online network of really close people)

I have to say, I don't know any of these people personally. I only take a peek into the parts of their lives they want to share, and sometimes, these parts can be pretty personal. But, I just feel compelled to 'do something'. What, I'm not sure, yet, but I guess it can all start here.

Please, take a moment, a minute, a second and say a prayer (if you pray) or just send a positive, healing thought to what or whomever you send those types of things to. And maybe send out an extra one or several, for all women fighting this brave fight. Just so they know they aren't alone.


coolbeans said...

Join the team! Please feel free to display the TeamWhymommy button (bling!) to your blog. Email me or canape if you need help doing that. :)

canape said...

Thank you! It's a great community here in blogland.

WhyMommy said...

I just got chills.

You're right .. we may never have met, if not for this blogging thing. But for this moment, just this moment, right now, you are important to me and my recovery.

Thank you.

Day Dreamer said...

I'm going to put up that button, too.

Excellent post, Bug.

I didn't know about your scare...I'm glad all's well.