July 12, 2007

The boy and the Diva

(as a preface to this post, I have to put here that this morning, waking up from the night that was last night, I'm sitting on the pot - I know, TMI - and Mic stopped what he was doing, came in the bathroom with the biggest smile on his face and came straight to me with the biggest hug I've had from him in a while. That was it. He didn't want anything. He was just happy to see me. Not a word was spoken, just that hug. What a wonderful way to wake up!!!)

I've shared before how much I adore my son (all of my children, of course, but this one is particularly about him). His heart, his gentleness just amazes me every time I see it.

Today, the Diva comes to me with a 'chapter book' in her hand. I had actually bought this one for Mac, but when the Scholastic order came in, I realized that I had ordered several books for Mic and Mac and none for the Diva. So, as Mac was uninterested in this particular book, it became property of The Diva.

So, book in hand, she seeks me out on the driveway, saying to me, "Mommy, I want you to show me how to read." Giggling, I start to try to explain to her that I can't just teach her to read in a matter of minutes, that maybe we'd better start with working on recognizing her letters. She claims she already knows her letters and is ready to read... this chapter book. Ooookkkkaaaayyyyy.

So, we go inside... crawl up on to my bed and open the book. "Socks". We start with the title. I point to the "S"...

me: Diva, what is that letter?
Diva: 2!
me (again, through giggles): No, Honey, that's an "S"
-by this time, Mic has crawled up next to us and is giggling with me. Remember, this is the boy who basically taught himself to read at the age of 4. Very well, I might add.

I point to the next letter, which she, again, doesn't know.

me: What's this letter?
Diva: (silence)
Mic: Diva, that's an "O"
Diva: O
Mic: Good job!
me: (giggling, and pointing to the C) What's this letter?
Diva: (silence)
Mic: That's a "C"

You can guess the rest... this routine continues with me pointing at letters, her deafening silence and Mic helping her out.

So, after painfully not being able to get through the title, I suggest she go and find her Leap Frog toy thingy that works with just the letters of the alphabet. Mic goes into his room and pulls out a more advanced Leap Frog alphabet machine and brings it in. Diva can't find the one I've sent her for, which I happen to remember last seeing it under our bed. I send her there to find it, but in the meantime, she decides she wants the one he's found and the fight begins.

I won't go into the details of the brawl between the 6 and 4 year-olds, but when Mic screamed, "Mom, she just kicked me in my nuts!" (yes, we allow our children to speak that way!!! egads!!!!), Steve thought it might be time to step in to referee, but not before telling Mic to "move your nuts, then!".

Fight over.

The point of this is that once the bloodshed ended, there was this magical moment between big brother and little sister... him teaching, her learning. He was the best cheerleader, teacher, mentor, brother. He would point at a letter, press the button. The machine would say the letter, then make the sounds that the letter makes. Mic then had Diva repeat the sounds of the letter, after each repeat, he would say, "Good job!" or "Yes. You're doing great!" or various other affirmations. Safely (emotionally - read 'Funky' posts of late) cuddled in my husband's arms, I just laid on our bed as they sat on our floor, listening to the exchanges between the two of them.

Eyes closed, smile permanently planted on my lips, for just that moment, all was just right with the world.

(this would be the day after The Diva's birthday, where she got a ton of make-up and Mic happily obliged when she wanted to "share" - yes, that is an earring on his ear!)


BetteJo said...

Oh I loved it when my kids would get along and be in their own little orbit together for a while. It's wonderful to be able to listen in!

Day Dreamer said...

Those moments are wonderful!

That was a great post!