April 7, 2007

I don't usually do this...

Check it out... read about it... and if ya feel like it, sign up. Seems harmless enough. I'm not holding out for the plasma TV, but a few bucks credit at Amazon couldn't hurt :)

Happy searching...

4.29.07 UPDATE It really does work!!! Someone who signed up from my referral won a £10 voucher for Amazon. I'm assuming it's a UK company (wabbadabba). They send an email saying which of my 'friends' won the voucher, hence allowing me to win one. You follow the link in the email to update your account info to include your mailing address. After you update, they then send (I assume via snail mail) the voucher. The only catch (and I use that term loosely) may be that I'll have to use the voucher at Amazon.co.uk . I checked it out and, all seems the same, except the shipping is very slightly higher (since the merchandise apparently ships from the UK). For the same book, shipping from the UK was only a couple of dollars more. Now, I may find out, when I get the voucher, that it *can* be used at the US site. I'll post another update when I find out. Either way... it's essentially free money and I don't know anyone who'd turn that down!!!!

5.11.07 UPDATE I received the gift certificate via email today. Haven't used it yet, I will probably just save it for birthday or Christmas gifts that we need to ship to the UK, anyway... but, again, I'm fairly confident that you actually *can* ship to the US from the UK site. Alternatively, you could always pass them on to me :D Enjoy!!!

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