February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I hope everyone received the gifts they love to receive on this day. I certainly did!!! My dear hubby just never lets me down. He would admit, however, that the little reminders probably come in really handy!!! As we were watching the kids get their goodies ready to distribute, he just shakes his head, saying, "I just don't get it." Apparently, where he comes from (that sounds funny - like "Ya aren't from around these here parts, is ya?"), V-day just isn't done quite the same as it is here. They 'celebrate', just differently.

And, he is a guy, afterall!

So, I came home to a wonderfully sweet, poignantly written card with a message at the bottom to look in the fridge (yes, folks... he even created a mini-scavenger hunt for me!!!). mmmmmmmmmm - A box full of yummy Belgian chocolates!!! Does he know me, or what???

The kids came home on a major sugar-high. They are off with their Dad for the school's monthly Skate Night. Here's hoping they get most of that glucose-induced energy out so that when they get home, bedtime won't be so much of a hassle.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better one... how about you? How was your Valentine's Day?


Steve said...

Oh yeah .... the Guy loves you


Day Dreamer said...

Mine was good....a little gushy...but good!!!!

BetteJo said...

Mine was the 5 hours in the car, 3 hours with my daughter, and 5 more hours in the car.
Started the day with a wonderful card and flowers from the BF and spent the rest with my kids. And vaginas. But that's the other part of the story, I know you read it already. :) Sounds bad tho, doesn't it?