February 28, 2008

Mic got a promotion!!

The kids' school has Jump Rope for Heart once every year. The students all raise money via pledges / donations for the American Heart Association, then spend the morning one day jumping rope and win prizes for the amount of money collected and the kids who jump the most consecutive jumps.

Mic is turning out to be quite athletic. Much to our surprise, as well, because, well... he's just a bit, shall we say, clumsy??? Which actually doesn't do it justice. Walls and doors are often jumping out right in front of him. He quite easily trips on nothing. Walking sometimes proves to be somewhat of a challenge (and no, there's nothing wrong with him developmentally, he's just a klutz!) But put a ball or a rope in front of him and watch it all come together!!!

This year, he not only raised the most money of everyone in the entire school (pre-k thru fifth grade), but he also jumped the most consecutive jumps as anyone else, too!!! Mic raised $165 in honor of his PaPa who has heart trouble and he jumped one hundred times in a row!!

For raising the money, he will get oodles of cheap, useless prizes that are just heaven to a six-year-old boy. (don't get me wrong, there are some pretty cool looking pieces of plastic on the awards sheet, just nothing that probably cost the AHA much dough, naturally!) And, for doing the most jumps, he received the honor of being the PE teacher for a whole day - "Mom! I even get to tell the fifth-graders what to do!!!!"

Yesterday morning, he got all suited up in his "gear" (he picked out what looks the most like what Miss G - the PE teacher - wears), primped himself in front of the full-length mirror and set off to be a teacher for the day. All of the kids had to call him "Mr. Mic's-last-name" while they were in PE class. AND, he came home with a WHISTLE around his neck!!!!

What more could a little boy wish for??? I'd say he'll be beaming for quite a while to come...

his parents are beaming just a little bit, too!!


Day Dreamer said...

As to the klutz part..it's almost as if he could be related to me!


That sounds just wonderful! I'm so completely sure he'll be beaming for a very long time! Awesome! Oh how I wish I could have told the 5th graders what to do at his age!!! Way to go Mic!!

BetteJo said...

Oh yeah - congrats Mic! What an accomplishment!

Being a gym teacher for a day? How cool it that?!?!?