January 23, 2008

What a day

WhyMommy is doing great! Thank all of you who sent whatever healing, positive-ey things for her yesterday. It was a bit surreal for me... I found myself thinking of this woman all day long. I've never met her in person. Only shared a few comments via our blogs. But it felt so close, so real. Because it was... and virtual 'relationships' really can be just as meaningful as our RL ones.

It's a bit of a mixed day, today. We just received news that a friend of the family passed away, hours ago. Shawn was a friend of my older sister growing up. She and her family moved away, I think during junior high. Time passes, friends grow apart, lose touch. But the pain smacks you in the face when something like this happens.

Shawn fought and beat breast cancer eleven years ago. Little did she know, it was hiding and growing. (I should say here, that the cancer WhyMommy is kicking is IBC, a different type to this) To the point that when they finally discovered it again, it really was too late. She fought hard to the end, though.

It's just wrong. Sad. Shouldn't happen. She was too young... there is way too much she still needed to see from her children (all still in school, teenagers). And on this, of all days... when I'm so elated for WhyMommy, yet so sad for my sister's friend (again!).

When will it stop?

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BetteJo said...

I don't think it does stop, really. Loss is always there but good news like WhyMommy is there too! I have never met her either but found myself saying at prayer for her in the shower yesterday morning.