January 26, 2008


I suppose a little background would help...

A couple of months ago, when his big sister was knighted, my son had a minor meltdown. You see, being Knighted at their elementary school is a big, major deal. As I've described before, it's very similar to a Student-of-the-Month recognition. An 'actual' knight comes to the school and does a presentation during the assembly which is centered around the kids who have been chosen for that month. Each month, two 'knightly virtues' are identified, and each grade, first thru fifth, selects (usually) two girls and two boys who have demonstrated the characteristics particular for that month. A kid can only be knighted once each school year.

The teachers contact the parents early in the week to let us know our child will be knighted. The kids don't know who has been selected until their names are announced at the assembly that day. This is an event we all take off work for and Grandma and Papa make the 45 minute drive up to attend the assembly. When the kids file in as the assembly is getting started, all of the kids yet to be knighted for the year survey the section of folding chairs reserved for 'guests' to see if their posse is there, as that's a pretty good indication they have been chosen.

Rewind a couple of months... it was Mac's turn. The days before 'Knight Life', as the assembly is called at the school, Mic is full of hope that this will be his month. I get regular reports of how he has shown "-(insert knightly virtue of the month here)-" with his peers or teachers. This is something my boy desperately wants... he covets!! So, as his class filed in that time, he, of course, examines the 'parent section' and sees all of us sitting there, natch. I said to Steve the minute Mic beamed that big, toothless grin at us, "I really should go let him know that we're here for Mac." Steve, always the sensible one, thinks better of the idea, that Mic will need to learn to deal with disappointment, that I'm not always going to be there to cushion it for him. Yeah, yeah, yeah... have I mentioned the soft spot I have for my boy??? Nevertheless, I restrained myself.

Mac goes on to receive her honors, and after the ceremonies, I see my extremely disappointed son just trying to hold it together to be a 'big boy' in front of his mates. As much as I knew I probably shouldn't have, I go over to him, at which point he's really being a big boy... but I could tell he was just bursting inside. So, I said something mundane, probably like, "See ya at home" and went on. I glance back to see his eyes, red and tear-filled, looking sadly at me, saying, "Mommy, please come back." I did, and he just melted into me, letting it all go. That was it. He wouldn't remove his face from my hip. It was all over... he just *knew* it was his time, and it wasn't. So, of course, I babied him, after singing major praises to Mac, who handles these things with such grace... she really makes me proud, that one! Since school was almost out for the day, we decided to go ahead and check the three of them out and miss the mayhem of traffic that comes with the last bell at their school.

His teacher didn't have any idea that he was even upset, let alone crying. So, when I went to the room to gather his things, she asked if everything was ok. I told her what had happened, and she was sad for him... we laughed it off, I got his stuff and left. I should say here, that his teacher is amazing!!! She has a disproportionate number of boys to girls in her class, and also, since she is special ed certified, has probably more than her share of special needs kids, too. She has the patience of Job, that woman!!! Ever so supportive and proud of Mic on a daily basis. She adores him, even tho he has his challenging moments. I suppose he's normal, tho... for a first-grader :)

I'm sure you can see where this is going... yep, this was his month. His teacher sent me the nicest email about him earlier this week, explaining that him being upset when he didn't get it had absolutely nothing to do with her choosing him this month. The virtues they were honoring were Responsibility and Flexibility. An excerpt from her email...

"I didn’t make this decision because he was upset last month. I made this decision because he is responsible with his homework, daily work and his interactions with his peers, myself and other teachers. He is also flexible about helping other students and adjusting to change in our classroom and schedule. He never whines or complains. He is still a little talkative but his doing considerably better. I know I can trust and rely on Mic. You have a very smart and mature son. Hope to see you at the Knighting assembly."

So, in case you can't tell... I'm just a little bit proud :) Hey, Mic... this one's all yours!!!!

He said to me, afterward, "Mom, that felt so cool on my shoulder!"


BetteJo said...

Oh my, so serious down on one knee, and then on stage - he had it down! He knew exactly what was happening and where he was supposed to be. What a wonderful little man! Er, I mean .. Knight! :)
Congrats Mom, for having 2!

Day Dreamer said...

Okay, now you KNOW that I had tears in my eyes with this one, dontcha?

Proud of you Mic!!!

Daisy said...

Oh, you must be so proud of him! And the teacher making sure you knew that he'd earned it, wow.

useless_rambler said...

bettejo - Oh, yes! He was very serious... bless his heart, he had the routine memorized from the first time he saw it!! Oh, and I actually have 3 (one 'knight-in-training', too!!)

day dreamer - Yeah, I KNOW :) Needless to say, mine, too!!

daisy - Yep, proud really doesn't describe it at all! His teacher really is fabulous!

Thanks, all :D