November 4, 2007


I picked them up from school on Wednesday, a little bit early since Mac had an Awards Assembly (which she SWEPT thankyouverymuch - I'm not proud at all!!!) and escaping from that parking lot even 10 minutes early can literally save my sanity. Ever try bitching at the woman who blocked your car in when said woman can't understand. a. word. of. English.? Not fun, especially when the counselor had her arm across my chest, waving the other mother on. Can you tell I was pissed???

So, we get home a few minutes earlier than usual. They promised homework completed and to give me 'Mommy time with coffee and Steve' - a MUST, especially for what they were about to demand from me...

Into our bedroom we go, an hour later, these three 'creatures' emerge...

allow me to introduce...

Princess of the Underworld

Jack Sparrow


Scary Witch

My cute little blonde-haired, blue-eyed kids became black-haired (one with dredlocks!) wannabe scary creatures. I'll give them creepy, maybe even freaky, but scary... nah. But I'd never tell them that!!!

Now, what was scary... them, upon returning home way too late for small children on a school night, much too full of sugar for any 200 pound adult... confinement in a shower for what seemed like an eternity... trying desperately to find the blonde hair they were born with (it appeared, several shampoos later, although, my bathtub will never be the same!). Thursday came, with them still bouncing off the walls. And Friday? They were all Steve's! ha.


BetteJo said...

Oh my, I had forgotten the nightmare a school parking lot can be when it's time to pick up kids!
And your kids? Adorable! Uh - I mean - scary, yeah that's it, really really scary! :)

Day Dreamer said...

They look GREAT!!! WOW...the little diva looks SO different with the dark hair!

They're still cute, even with the goo on their faces!

Nice dreads!!!