March 25, 2007

First post...

So, I'm sitting here setting up this blog and my dh (that will *usually* stand for 'dear husband'... sometimes, the 'd' isn't so friendly ;p) comes in and wonders what I'm doing. Mind you, he's covered in saw dust because he just *had* to router out the thingy to hold the tray on his new router table... in the middle of our two-week "American Idol" catch up (a major vent on *that* show to come... but, we've got one more show to watch before I'll start).

Anyway... what I'm doing, dh, is setting up my blog. Why??? Because I can, and yes, I *have* mentioned to you that I wanted to start a blog. But, I was probably competing with the low hum of the table saw or miter saw or jig saw, or some other powered thing that cuts wood ;)

Love you, sweetie :)

And yes, I'm starting a blog...

1 comment:

Steve said...

Cool :)

Did I mention I need a Planer/Thickneser?